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'Bring the child here to me': The Journey to Madelyn

A diary of our experiences meeting and getting to know our adopted daughter.

The End is in Sight, Yet We've Only Just Begun

Today is our last full day of our adoption odyssey. 17 days have come and gone so quickly! We've seen a lot of amazing sites, eaten some great food, met some fabulous adoptive families, and added an extra human along the way. I think Angie and I have experienced a great deal, and we're so thankful for the opportunity. 


Early tomorrow we head to Hong Kong to board the long flight home. Once stateside, we will put a bow on the first stage of our adoption journey, and then begin the stage of assimilation. There will certainly be some challenging days ahead of us--it is clear that Madelyn is physically not right, and we want her to receive medical attention as soon as possible. 


We know God has brought us this far, and we are certain He will carry us through the future unknowns. We thank you all for your prayers, and humbly ask you continue. 


We took a trip to the colonial-era settlement of Shamian Island today. You can find some pictures under the Guangzhou folder at thomasosgood.smugmug.com. Pictures are available for only one more day.