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'Bring the child here to me': The Journey to Madelyn

A diary of our experiences meeting and getting to know our adopted daughter.

Gotcha day has come and gone

Yesterday was a busy day of meeting Madelyn for the first time and signing various papers. We also had an opportunity to ask a few questions of the nannies who took care of her. I think we received some good information from them. They also gave us a book of her baby pictures, which we appreciated very much.


In the past 24 hours we have been working on bonding, but it has been something of a challenge. We think she is grieving the loss of her nannies who have taken care of her for more than 3 years. She is rather listless and only eats in little bits at a time. We are prayerful that she will be able to make some emotional progress in the coming days.


Tomorrow is the day we make it official and accept her as our own legally. It almost doesn' seem real from when we started 14 months ago! 


Check out a few gotcha day pics at thomasosgood.smugmug.com or mine and Angie's Facebook pages.