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'Bring the child here to me': The Journey to Madelyn

A diary of our experiences meeting and getting to know our adopted daughter.

The orphanage

Yesterday Angie and I traveled about two and a half hours to visit Madelyn's orphanage. It was a lot to take in, and a visit we will likely ponder for a long time. The facility is brand new, having opened just last fall. The previous building was in the city center, while the new location was on the outskirts of Anyang, a city of 5 million. The area reminded me a lot of the Dominican Republic, with lots of small shops and people riding mopeds or bikes. It certainly was less affluent than the places we have been staying.


We were encouraged to see that the orphanage was clean and well-resourced. She had a lot of love from the nannies, to the point of being spoiled probably. Getting to see where Madelyn lived, at least for the past year, also helped to fill in some gaps for me in how she lived.


Perhaps the most moving part of the day for me was when we returned to the hotel. There we were given a copy of her official notice of abandonment from the government. It included a copy of the newspaper ad that was placed to ask if anyone knew who she was. It reminded me of a poster you put up in your neighborhood when you lose your dog. It's hard for me to imagine this circumstance being placed on a child. But I'm certain God is using us to show her that she can be found and accepted in Him!


Check out some pics of the kids at the orphanage at thomasosgood.smugmug.com.